January 14, 2009

Anti-depression remedy

It's been raining for a couple of days now, and it's starting to get on my nerves. To add to my perfect humor is this dammmed bronchitis.
So I decided to take my favorite anti-depression remedy; a trip to the Coiffure. I love getting my hair done, even though when I'm finished I look exactly the same as when I went in.

Here's the salon I go to. This salon is in Sully about a 15-minute drive from our house. I started going here last summer when I got disillusioned by my former coiffeuse. This shop has been in business for 19 years and is run by Madame Véronique.

My coiffeuse is Elaine (prononced el-LEIN). She's a cute, young woman with a great artistic flair. And she loves to chatter. So I go in and zone out and let her relax me for a couple of hours. The prices here aren't too expensive, so I can go every month.

Elaine is giggling because I jumped up to take her photo before she could plaster me with hair color. She's always giggling about something.
Elaine was particularly chirpy today, because she's going on vacation in 2-1/2 weeks to some exotic place. She's going with her new husband. This will be their lune-de-miel, even thought they got married in August. Elaine's never taken the airplane before, so she's a bit nervous. But I think her biggest concern is finding a bathing suit that she likes before leaving.

Ok, I am NOT photogenic! I've never had a good picture taken of me. But you can see the results of Elaine's hard work. I do look a little less upset about life.
When will Winter be over?


Jennie said...

Maybe I should try that. I do want to get my hair cut, but I'm still afraid to get it cut in France. I don't want the hairstylist to just do her own thing and have it look awful...

Jeanne said...

Votre cheveux sont magnifique!

(Was that even close? I was too lazy to look up the correct spelling and God only knows if the overall structure is right.)

It's good that you have an outlet when the weather starts getting you down. It's been snowing all day here, but I had a reasonably effective day at work, and, at less than two weeks on the job, that's a cause to celebrate.

feasting-on-pixels (terrie) said...

You look quite stunning my beautiful friend.
That color and style suits
your lovely face.
Spring will be here very soon.
I hope, lol...

Rachel Cotterill said...

I've never seen a good picture of me, though some are clearly worse than others. Elaine looks like she's probably one of those people who's happy to have a camera randomly pointed at her by customers! :)

Dedene said...

Jennie, be brave and find someone you like. It seems that French coiffures have excellent training by law.

Jeanne, your French is perfect! Congrats on being productive at work.

Terrie, you're a sweetie. Yes, let's hope for Spring.

Rachel, Elaine does enjoy photography with her as the subject. Someday we'll have one good photo to show off to everyone.

poppy fields said...

You look great. I need to find a place like that, a place to relax. The hairdresser I see is always so busy and in a hurry. She's good, but it's "sressant".

Shankie said...

Visiting your blog is like a little French vacation to me.
Mercie bien pour votre Bienvenue Chez Moi

Shanster said...

Nothing like some hair styling to pull one out of a funk. My stylist does the same for me! You look MUCH happier! :)