February 17, 2009

When will I hear the beauty of French?

Fox Television -- all rights reserved.

I'm waiting for tomorrow when season 4 of Doctor House starts. Yes, here in France, the series is known as "Doctor House" not just "House". One of the things I miss most about not living in my native culture and language is not getting that same ZING from dialogue, from jokes, and from word-play. No matter how well I understand French, there's not the delightful pleasure of the language as there is for me in English. Is it the language or is it the culture?
Take for example, House. In the translated version, the Housisms aren't there. Or if they exist, they aren't as deliciously snappy as they are in English. So as I suffer through the coming season of House, or any other funny US or English series, I'll try to remember some of the Housisms that I missed last season.

Housisms from Season 3

"The patient's husband prefers her not dead."- Human Error

"How come God gets credit whenever something good happens? Where was he when her heart stopped?"- Human Error

"You are one evil, cunning woman. It's a massive turn on."- The Jerk

"Arrogance has to be earned. Tell me what you've done to earn yours."- The Jerk

Wilson: "Oh God, she's 26."House: "But with the wisdom of a much younger woman."- Resignation

"That was awesome. I gotta start pretending to care."- Family

"Loss of free will. I like it. Maybe we can get Thomas Aquinas in for a consult."- House Training

"If you need absolution, go to a priest. Or give alms to the poor."- House Training

"Even fetuses lie."- Fetal Position

"I can play the harmonica with my nose, make a penny come out of a child's ear, or any other orifice for that matter, and given the right circumstances bring two women to simultaneous ecstasy."- Top Secret

"Better be careful. I have a full bladder and I'm not afraid to use it."- Top Secret

"If you're considering grabbing my ass, don't start anything you can't finish."- Half Wit

"I was curious. Since I'm not a cat, that's not dangerous."- Insensitive

"My life is just one horror after another."- Needle in a Haystack

"If I'm in a buttload of pain, I need a buttload of pills."- Finding Judas

"Good thing you failed to become a mom because you suck at it!"- Finding Judas

"Everything's conditional. You just can't always anticipate the conditions."- Son of a Coma Guy

"Sorry. I already met this month's quota of useless tests for stubborn idiots."- Fools For Love

"I'm a cripple, remember? Accommodations must be made."- Informed Consent


Flo said...

I agree so much with you, there is nothing more enjoyable to watch than a film or serie in its original version, that's how it was written first and despite that the French translations are usually good, I've got to admit that still it doesn't come anything near the original script!
Still - enjoy the new show.
Flo xx

jadedj said...

It's the verbal nuances that make the show, I think. Although, Laurie's facial expressions are part of it also.

poppy fields said...

I missed last nights start of season 4, maybe I can watch it on-line. I love Dr House!

Dedene said...

DeeDee, I tried to watch episodes on FoxTV.com but I got an error and it told me that I couldn't view them out of the US. If you find a way, let me know.