February 08, 2009

The last snow and the last potimarron

Yesterday, it started snowing, although the flakes were very small and they didn't seem to be sticking. However, this morning, I got up to this lovely scene.

Another snowfall, probably the last one of the winter. But before I could go out and enjoy it, I had to do something else!
This potimarron has been in the cellar since Christmas. I rescued it from my brother-in-law who had it displayed as a Christmas decoration. I asked him if he was planning on cooking it. He looked at me as if I were crazy, and said, "NO!" So I grabbed it and took it home. Keeping it in the colder part of the room preserved it perfectly for over 1 month.
Potimarrons are known outside of France as Hokkaido squash. They are very popular here and have a wonderful chestnut flavor (hence, poti- MARRON). The skin can be eaten too, and I do usually eat it when making a stuffed squash. But tonight, I didn't need the skin.

Monsieur Titi kept saying to me, "it's going to go rotten. You'd better eat it." I told him not to worry, that the potimarron was fine.
But today was the day to enjoy the very last one of the season. There aren't any more in the stores or the primeurs' stands.

I cut this one in half (well, more or less). It finally wound up in thirds on the baking sheet. Once popped into the oven at 175°C or 350°F, I went out to walk Pacha. I figured it would take at least 45 minutes for the potimarron to cook.

Pacha decided to make a snow angel, although he had a little trouble making good wings. He loves to rub his nose in the snow and play.

When we got back inside, the house was full of such a delicious smell. The potimarron was done. Out it came to cool.

Pacha came sniffing around the kitchen worktable while I was skinning the squash. As I mentioned, the skin is edible and really good. So I shared it with Pacha for a mid-morning snack. He loved it!

With the purée, I'm going to make something yummy for dinner tonight. But that will have to wait for tomorrow and more pictures!

Try to guess what I'm making!


Rachel Cotterill said...

Oh, so many good things you could make with that! But pureed - soup? lasagna? Will look forward to seeing.

Jeanne said...

As a non-cooking type person, I won't even hazard a guess, but it certainly is a beautiful squash!

poppy fields said...

You're going to make a pie?
I didn't know that the skin was edible, I'll try it next time I cook up a potimarron.