February 19, 2009

Meeting David the Charcutier

I was out doing errands this afternoon and I went to Sully-sur-Loire. This little town (about 5.000 inhabitants) is just across the Loire River from us. It’s a rather chic town as it’s always been a hub of activity for the Sologne region here. I'll talk about Sologne at another time. There are many wonderful little shops with artisans of all sorts.

Today I met David the charcutier. I was taking pictures of a beautiful charcuterie (pork butcher’s). From behind me I hear “Bonjour, Madame….”
Oh oh, I’m going to get yelled at for taking pictures of a shop window. Most commerçants don’t like that because they think that you’re trying to steal their ideas or that you’re some kind of spy from the Hygiene department or the Tax Bureau.

I said “ne vous inquiétez pas, car je prends ces photos pour moi-même. J’ai un blog sur Internet and ces photos ne sont pas vendues ni distribuées. »

As soon as he heard me speak, he asked the inevitable question, « Are you English ? » And my usual answer came out, “Oh no, I’m American but I live here.”

Then in half French and half English, he says that he lived for four years in New York. He further explained that he was working in a French pork butcher’s in NY City, but that he got homesick and came back to France.
I told him where I was from. He agreed that Oregon is very different from New York and the East Coast.

Then I asked him his name. Not “Daa-Veed” as I was expecting, but “Day-vid” he proudly said in a good American accent. Then I asked him to pose for a picture.
I didn't pry him with questions, as I was already embarassed enough that he'd caught me taking pictures.

His sausages look delicious, even though I’m not a huge sausage fan. What looks even better to me is his homemade sauerkraut (Choucroute à l’ancienne). I think that 5.50€ per kilo isn’t too expensive for homemade. However, when I told Monsieur Titi about it, he thought it was too expensive. Oh well, no choucroute à l’ancienne for me.

I’ll let you appreciate the beauty of French rural cuisine. Don’t drool on your computers!


Jo said...

Oh LOL Dedene. We bloggers across the globe are the same! I have convinced hubby that I HAVE to photograph everything everywhere I go. He is OK with it these days but I cringe if anyone in a restaurant/shop/park ever took offence. Then he'd put his foot down! Thanks for a lovely post. The displays are so tastefully done. Good enough to eat, for a vegetarian! Hugs Jo

Dedene said...

Jo, thanks, it is hard to take pictures discretely. You could eat the sauerkraut as long as you didn't add the sausages!

Jeanne said...

I am not drooling on my computer, only on the boring salad I'm having for lunch. This all looks tres delicieux!

Flo said...

You are brave taking pictures of sausages display in the street, lol!
Actually, during dinner tonight I was telling my husband how much I fancy a good choucroute. I have to wait until I go to France in May!
I'm not keen on sausages either, the only thing I like are the merguez, mmmmhhh

Megan said...

Ergh. Raw pig parts don't do it for me, but David does. ;)

Elo said...

I just love little villages in France and adore even more the traditional shops! I am lucky enough to live in Bordeaux where hundreds of villages like this surround the area and I am hoping to move to Cadillac where they have a proper food market every week with delicious products!
Those sausages and boudins look yummy! Thank you for sharing!!

More photos please!!!

Lynda said...

Dedene, how lucky you are to have such a gorgeous array of produce right on your doorstep. (My husband would go crazy as he loves sausages, fresh cheeses etc !)