September 18, 2009

New Toys!

I'm so excited! Let me tell you why.

Monsieur Titi and I asked for money to buy a new television and a DVD for our combined birthdays. That was back in July. Our family was very generous and we were off to a good start. Then summer holidays came and went, and we hadn't bought anything.

At the end of summer are the nation-wide sales. We looked at the TVs during the sales, but thought that they were older models, and that we might find a newer release afterwards.

We kept looking, comparing prices on internet, and collecting all the information.

Finally Monsieur Titi found a new electronics/equipment store opening up near here. They were having a couple of promotions on TVs that looked promising. We finally bought our TV and the DVD player/recorder last week. Yesterday, they were delivered.

The television is a 82 cm. flat screen LCD. That's for the bedroom. The DVD is attached to our living room TV where we have the satellite connection. We don't have cable down here in the country, everything comes through old-fashioned antenna reception or through satellite.

The delivery guy set everything up and explained, pretty quickly if you ask me. Then we were left to our own devices!

How come whenever someone explains something to you , and it sounds so simple, and when that person leaves, and you sit down to do it yourself, that you can't remember exactly what they said, and that the instructions look like they're Greek?

But, we managed to figure out the DVD player and I successfully recorded a program as an experiment.

Now, I can buy some exercise videos and use them at home!


French Fancy said...

Well done for mastering the DVD player. You must have such a huge bedroom for such a large telly - many many happy hours lying comfy in bed watching good films on tv.

Habebi said...

Woot woot!! That's fantastic that you all found a great deal and now have things set up. Being able to record things saves friendships too- just ask my roommate! lol

Jeanne said...

"...left to our own devices."


Good one!

Lori Skoog said... everything working? It is always a challenge when we get something new.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

The new 'toys' are a little bit complicated for our generation!!

Dedene said...

FF., In fact the new TV is to avoid arguments that my DH and I have had in the past about who gets to watch football and who doesn't!

Habebi, We are indeed trying to keep the peace.

Jeanne, thanks!

Lori, everything seems to be working now. I had a bit of a mix up on which external channel was for the satellite, but I've got it figured out.

Phivos, I can't imagine what I'll do when I replace my current computer!

Nadege said...

Congratulations on your new "toys"!

diane said...

All of the serious exercise I ever did I owe to televised programs and VHS tapes. I was in fantastic shape in my 20's, 30's, & 40's. I'm so happy to read that is the first thing on your agenda. xo

Dominica said...

Now you can watch those old French movies on dvd !
I love a big telly-screen (no glasses needed ;-)

Dedene said...

Nadege, thanks! Now all they have to do is work.

Diane, I tried to record the ONLY exercise program on French TV this morning and it didn't work! ARGH!
I agree, exercise videos are good fun and do help.

Dominica, Indeed, I love all the old movies. Now I can record them and watch them when I want to.
As for wearing glasses, unfortunately I have to even with the large screen.

Owen said...

Oh boy, 82 cms ?!? That's almost lifesize ! Now you just have to get over to the Grateful Dead website, or Amazon, and order some of the great concert DVDs that have been released in recent times... there's some good stuff out there that brings back all sorts of memories... ! Funny, our neighbors have a huge flat screen set up facing their big french door windows that face our house, their screen is so big we can see what they are watching without even trying, the bright colors and movement attracts the eye... Enjoy your devices, better that than being left to your vices...

Dedene said...

Owen, you'll have me spending a million euros on DVDs! How funny about your neighbors and their TV!! Ask them to provide popcorn.

Cheryl said...

I love getting new toys. A flat screen is high on my list. Just below an ipod touch!

Jackleen said...

Hey Dedene, just popping in. Haven't had time to in a while. Congratulations on the new toys. I know exactly what you mean about the instructions. Glad you got things up and running. :o)

Debbie said...

Wow! That is about 4 times the size of my TV!

Not Waving but Drowning said...


My sister, Fran (!), bought every exercise DVD available and then sat on the sofa eating a packet of biscuits whilst she watched them.

Have fun,


Dedene said...

CG, I will not be like Fran! I already did an hour-long video this afternoon while waiting for my Amazon shipment.